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  • Fix culture bug for license

  • Fixed bug in Isolation Tool upon isolating all objects in scene. Now shows console message.

  • Fixed D Spline Control point editor bug when initializing without control points

  • Included multi-select support for D Spline Control Point Editor

  • Fixed double callback issue upon undo


  • Revised Editors and Inspectors

  • Added Undo Functionality in floating point precision kinematic joints

  • MigrationTool Added bug fix for the importing of the package causing wrong overwrites.

  • Fixed bug VHACD replaced mesh of object it was making collider for.

  • MeshRescaler now also scales colliders.

  • Bug fix Collada path problem (was not checking path of main).

  • Group can now process double materials on mesh and not present material.

  • Collada culture not being applied fixed.

  • Undo while adding spline to selected game object the deleting game object fixed.

  • Isolation tool fixed bug where lost isolation when going into play mode.