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2023.1.1571.2 Mesh Replacer

Warning: it is strongly recommended to ask for support through any Prespective support channel before using this feature!



This tool is used to replace all objects in the scene that have similar geometry (for example, all screws of the same size in a machine) with a single prefab, based on one of the selected shapes.

Where to find

The feature can be found under Utilities > Mesh Tools > Mesh Replacer.

Feature Layout

The image below shows the complete feature layout of the Mesh Replacer tool.


Shape Replacer


Surface Deviation

The deviation factor used when comparing mesh surfaces to determine if the objects are similar.

Mesh Area Deviation

The deviation factor used when comparing total mesh surface area size to determine if the objects are similar.

Search In Children

Whether or not an extra filter should be applied to the objects using mesh area comparison.

  • Mesh Area Parent: The parent object under which the mesh area comparison must be done.

Check Circumference

If selected, use the circumference of a plane on the mesh (an area where connected triangles have a similar normal) as a comparison to check if objects share this plane, as an extra similarity check.

Keep Local Rotation

If selected, ensures that the local rotations of the prefab instances are the same as the object that they replace.

How to use

  1. Select the object you wish to replace.

  2. Select the settings you wish to use within the menu.

  3. Click on Find Similar Shapes.

  4. All objects in the scene that share a similar shape will be replaced according to the selected settings.

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