V2020.1.56.3_ Kinematics Controller


The Kinematics Controller is responsible for managing and updating all Kinematic Joints in the correct order (taking both priority and kinematic relationships into account). To work properly, the Kinematics Controller needs to be placed in the hierarchy above any joints it should control. After creation the Controller will automatically takeover management of the contained joints.

Generally it is wise to use just one Kinematics Controller in your scene for all the joints, however using multiple Controllers is possible, but may lead to undesirable behavior.

Hierarchy view with Kinematics Controller and two Wheel Joints. Note that the wheel joints are children of the Kinematics Controller

Where to find

The Kinematics Controller can be found under Mechanics > Add Kinematics > Kinematics Controller

If no Game Object in the scene hierarchy was selected when this menu option is chosen it will create a new Game Object; alternatively it will add the Kinematics Controller component to the selected Game Object


Feature Layout

The image below shows the complete feature layout of the Kinematics Controller component.

Kinematics Controller


Kinematics Controller



The Kinematics Controller script

Execute in Editor Mode

On by default. When this toggle is enabled, true Kinematic behaviour (Limits and Relationships) will also be enacted outside play mode in the Unity Editor.

The Kinematics Controller runs on the Unity Fixed Update within play mode, and on a custom update cycle outside play mode

Note that Individual Kinematic components have a matching override ‘Enforce Outside Playmode’ that should also be enabled in order for it to work outside play mode

When in Play mode Kinematics are always applied

Contained Kinematic Relations

List with the kinematic relations found as children and controlled by the kinematics controller. The content of this list is automatically controlled in and outside play mode, please do not change the values manually

Note that this list is automatically updated, and need not be managed manually - it is shown in the inspector for review purposes only

Sorted Kinematic Relations

The controlled kinematic relations sorted by their respective solver passes (i.e. in what pass within a simulation frame is a Kinematic Joint solved, and when does it receive )

Note that this list is automatically updated, and need not be manually managed - it is shown in the inspector for review purposes only


Check For New Relations Outside Playmode Interval

The time interval to check for new or removed kinematic relations outside play mode in seconds

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