V2020.1.56.3_ Color Sensor.


The Color Sensor is a component that can be used to detect colors directly in front of it within a certain range.

A Color Sensor detecting colors of the objects in its field of view

Where to find

The Color Sensor Physical and Logic components can be found under Standard Components > Color Sensor > Color Sensor.

It can also accessed from the GameObject menu or from the Hierarchy Context menu.

A new GameObject will be created if you do not have a GameObject selected. Otherwise, the Color Sensor will be added to the selected GameObject

Feature layout

Physical Component

Live Data



Shows whether the Color Sensor is currently active and thus whether it will detect colors

Output Signal

Shows what color the ColorSensor currently detects. If no color is detected, it will return its Void Color




The minimum and maximum detection range for the Color Sensor. A gizmo shows a visual indication of how that will translate in the scene

Void Color

The default color that will be returned when no colors are detected

On Value Changed

A UnityEvent that is fired as soon as the Output Signal of the Color Sensor changes. Other scripts can subscribe to this event to be notified of the change

Fixed Rendering

The function forces the color sensor to detect colors on fixed intervals which will prevent it from possibly missing frames

WARNING: This function is very resource heavy

Control Panel


Generate Control Panel for ColorSensor

Click this button to generate a ControlPanelInterface for the Color Sensor.

Logic Component




The Phyisical Color Sensor component attached to this Logic component.


In the PLC I/O panel you can see the latest input and output values from the PLC.

PLC settings and Debugging

These settings are general Logic Component settings. Look at the Logic Component Documentation for more details.

How to use

  1. Assign a Color Sensor physical component to a GameObject, or create a new one directly from the menu

  2. Select the desired settings under the Properties tab

  3. In Play Mode, the color of detected objects will be displayed in the Output Signal field

NOTE: The Output Signal of the sensor is the perceived color by the sensor. Keep in mind that the scene lighting is of great influence on the measured value.