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Getting started - Installing Unity & Prespective

Prespective is a Unity plugin. In order to be able to use Prespective you need to have Unity installed and then import the Prespective package into Unity.


There are three steps to install Prespective

  1. Install & setup Unity

  2. Download & Import Prespective into Unity

  3. Obtain a (trial) license and activate Prespective.


1. Install & setup Unity

Prespective is supported on Unity versions 2020.2 and up.

Installing Unity

To install Unity 2020.2 you need to download and install the Unity Hub. Go the Unity website and click ‘Get Started’. This will bring you to the ‘Plans and Pricing’ page of Unity. Here you will need to select a plan best suitable for you or your company.

Select your plan and press ‘Get Started’ or ‘Subscribe’.


As soon as the download has completed, install Unity Hub by running the install. Afterwards, you can select a version of Unity to install.

Make sure the version of Unity is at least 2020.2


The Unity Hub will now ask you to define which features you would like to install with Unity. For Prespective, no other features are required to install, but you are free to select any extra features you like. Now click ‘Install’ to start the download and install of Unity. This may take several minutes, depending on you internet connection.


Setting up Unity

To be able to actually use Unity you need to login to your Unity ID and have an active license. To login to your Unity ID, click this profile icon in the top right corner and click ‘Sign in’.




This will now open a new windows where you can either sign in with your already existing Unity ID, or you can create one now by clicking on ‘Create one’,

If you have created a new Unity ID, or don’t have an active license yet, you will need to add a license to you Unity ID now by clicking the gear-shaped preferences icon. This will bring you to the ‘Preferences' window. Now click the ‘License Management’ tab on the left to bring up the ‘License' panel. Next, click ‘Activate new license’ to activate a new license on your Unity ID. Select the option that suits you or your company best. If you don’t have a Serial Number yet, you can buy one from the Unity website.

Click Done to continue. You should now see your activate license in the Unity Hub. Click the Back arrow to return to the Projects window. Unity should now have been setup properly.

2. Download & Import Prespective into Unity

To start using Prespective in Unity, you need to download the Unity package for the Prespective plugin. You can download the package here.

As soon as you have downloaded the package, you will need to create a new Unity project to import the package into. In the Unity Hub, in the Projects window, click ‘New'. This will open a new window. Here you can select what kind of project you would like to create. Select 3D. You can also give your project a name, and select the location where you want to save your project to. Then click 'Create’. Unity will now start.

As soon as Unity has finished loading, the Unity screen will be shown.

To import Prespective into your project, go to ‘Assets’, ‘Import Package' and click ‘Custom Package…’. Select the Prespective Package file that you have just downloaded and click 'Open’.

A new window will open. This will ask you what you want to import from the package. Make sure everything is selected and click ‘Import’.


If everything went well, Prespective should now have been imported into your Unity project.

It is possible that Unity gives the following error when importing: “Multiple precompiled assemblies….allowed per platform”. (see screenshot below)
This is caused by a duplicate .dll that is included with Prespective in the case that Unity itself does not provide this specific .dll.
To fix this problem, navigate to Project> Assets> Prespective> externallibraries> Plugins and delete the Newtonsoft.Json.dll


3. Obtain a license and activate Prespective.

Obtaining a license


To start using Prespective, you will need an active Prespective license. If you already have a license key, you can skip this step and you can scroll down to ‘Activating Prespective’.

To obtain a license for Prespective, go to the Prespective webshop and add the license to the shopping cart by clicking 'Add to cart'.

Next click ‘View cart' and 'Proceed To Checkout’.

You will now be asked to fill in your information. Please fill in all required fields marked with an asterisk and check the checkbox if you have read and agree to the terms and conditions. Then click 'Place Order'.


If everything was filled in correctly, you should you order details. On the bottom of the page you can find your Prespective License. It should also have been sent to your email.


Activating Prespective


To activate Prespective in Unity, open your Unity project, go to the ‘Prespective’ menu and Click ‘License'. This will open a new window. Fill in your license key and make sure that ‘Essential’ is selected as your license type. Then click ‘Activate PREspective License’ to activate your license key.


If everything went well, you should now see that your Prespective license is active.

You have now successfully installed Unity and Prespective and you are now able to use Prespective to its full extent.

Important: Prespective is a project specific plugin. If you create a new Unity project, you will need to re-import Prespective into that project to be able to use Prespective in that project. Your license, will remain active.


Something went wrong?

If you encounter issues anywhere during the installment and/or setup of Prespective, feel free to contact us through our contact page. We will then try to assist you as soon we can.

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