Changelog beta


  • Fix culture bug for license

  • Fixed bug in Isolation Tool upon isolating all objects in scene. Now shows console message.

  • Fixed D Spline Control point editor bug when initializing without control points

  • Included multi-select support for D Spline Control Point Editor

  • Fixed double callback issue upon undo


  • Revised Editors and Inspectors

  • Added Undo Functionality in floating point precision kinematic joints

  • MigrationTool Added bug fix for the importing of the package causing wrong overwrites.

  • Fixed bug VHACD replaced mesh of object it was making collider for.

  • MeshRescaler now also scales colliders.

  • Bug fix Collada path problem (was not checking path of main).

  • Group can now process double materials on mesh and not present material.

  • Collada culture not being applied fixed.

  • Undo while adding spline to selected game object the deleting game object fixed.

  • Isolation tool fixed bug where lost isolation when going into play mode.

2020.1.55.2 (beta)

  • MQTT Adapter Settings added custom ClientID

2020.1.54.2 (beta)


  • BeamEmitter; it is no longer possible to set a negative value for reach and maximum hits

  • Kinematic Relations can no longer be made with incompatible Transforms

  • Load times of OPC UA improved

  • Prelogic simulator unique plc address validation check after exporting XML

  • OPC UA offers better support for custom servers.

  • Created a new inspector for KinematicsController. Now able to manage EnforceOutsidePlaymode and PassPriority for all KinematicsRelations from that inspector.

  • Gripper fingers can now be inverted in movement

  • Mesh rescaler can now set non-uniform scales to identity.

  • Added warnings to Grouping when trying to added parts of prefabs to a group.

  • fidelity -1 is now counted as 0 in OPC UA Prelogic

  • Now when texture cannot be resized in Collada exporting the original texture is exported and added AssetDatabase refresh after importing materials, textures, and meshes.

  • Added box, sphere, and capsule collider storing to Collada.

  • Added mesh collider storing to Collada.

  • VHACD (organic collider) meshes now have a name.

  • Pivot Window now shows a preview of expected pivot in world space and now the rotation pivot manual is the expected rotation not the expected rotation change.

  • Making a group gives a warning if trying to group an object with no mesh filter and renderer on itself or one of its children.

  • Now the PivotMover gives a warning and creates a new stored mesh when moving pivot of standard unity objects.

Bug Fixes

  • Prelogic OutputSignalResponseInteractor had a sorting issue. Now sorts on dateTimeTicks

  • Fixed bug in PrismaticJoint where open splines acted like closed splines

  • Fix for crash on build when instance naming rules were active → Updated Prelogic Simulator UI for Instance Naming Rules

  • Fixed bug in BeltRenderer where SplineControlPoints were generated with non-identity rotation

  • OPC UA fixed writing and reading with identifier types from custom servers.

  • Fixed bug not restoring the correct capsule collider axis in Collada.

  • Fixed bug with ShapeReplacer that it now checks when using a similar check if the given object is part of the shape replacing and changed button name.

  • Fixed bug that isolation tool needs to push on the button to again isolated after using de-isolated everything.

  • Bugfix connected the wrong parent structure to grouped objects when disbanding.




  • OPC UA now has an identifier type option



New Features:

  • Mesh Splitter

  • Improved About window


  • Added warning to pivot mover to also indicated to not be in global mode (cannot see the rotation pivot changes).

  • the pivot mover indicates if you try to change the pivot of a closed group and prevents it.

  • BeltSystem now needs a WheelJoint and reads its velocity from the WheelJoint. Velocity can no longer be set.

  • BeltSystem speed indicator is now a gizmo instead of a primitive cube

  • BeltSystem no longer inherits from LoftMesh and is not longer a KinematicRelation. A kinematic chain cannot be made with the BeltSystem anymore. Use the newly implemented WheelJoint for that.

  • Changed mesh splitter UI.

  • Added mesh saving through right mouse button for mesh filters and mesh collider.

  • Moved PREpair menu items to Mechanics.

  • Moved PRElogic menu items to Logic.

  • Moved PREscissor menu items to Utilities.

  • Implemented new menu structure and naming

  • Opc ua now has an identifier type option


  • Removed BeltDriver

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed bug with deisolation not resetting after de isolated all.

  • Pivot mover fixed bug of wrong setting of children with rotation.

  • Fixed bug in the prismatic joint where it could go outside the given spline.

  • Fixed bug where DrivenStepperMotor step count could not be set from inspector

  • Fixed bug with motor components where changing max velocity would set preferred velocity to a very low value

  • Fixed bug in DrivenMotor where a NullRef was tossed when no WheelJoint was assigned

  • Fixed bug in Aligner where Isolation mode would hide all meshes in the scene

New Features:

OPC UA alpha feature:






Bug Fixes:

Fixed bug in prelogic component callback value.

Fixed Prelogic post build XML-file copy.

Fixed bug in Legacy Stepper where autostart would trigger Rotation State in edit mode.

Bug fix scene vector resetting in wheel joint.

Fixed a bug where Spline and DSpline did not update when Gizmos were turned off.

Bug fix isolation selection things with the same name under same parent not being de-isolated.

Fixed setting spline control point from Prismatic joint while not enforcing it.

Fixed errors when building a standalone player




Splinimation now has Double precision



Removed ‘Set in local space’ option for Aligner

Belt system now checks if rigidbody is on itself or its parents.



  1. 1.83.1839




Renamed Mesh Filter to Mesh Query

Changed Beam Receiver Reset COMP_NAME to INST_NAME

Renamed Scale Remesher to Mesh Rescaler

Set alpha prelogic adapters to read only for beta

Renamed Make Collider of Box Colliders to Compound Box Collider (Octree Solver)


Bug Fixes:

Making a Unity Build should work now.

Fixed bug where FMU wouldnt update

Now the pivot mover will cause the scene to be set dirty when moving a pivot.

The Mesh Query now takes the size of the given object instead of a given size.



You can only select FMU inherited types in the viusalize window

Added generic TestComponent, MQTT TestComponent & ActiveMQ Testcomponent to the AssetPack

Belt system now has a bool to not use rotation check and bool to not use idle check.

Added advanced tab to collada importer




  1. 0.1.82:

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed center pivot center ui bug

  • Fixed Il exceptions in twincat ads


New Features:

  • The group data is stored by default at the location of the scene.

  • The directory path and file name of group data can be manually changed.

  • When creating group you can now give it a name.

  • Mesh Filter now can indicated which filter methods you want to use together.

  • Added Spline core with double precision (new classes have 'D' as prefix).

  • Added ProximitySensorLogicController

  • Added RulerTool



  • Removed Standard Component prefabs from asset pack files



  1. 0.0.81:

  • Minor Fix for MeshGrouping (tried to call app_path in serialization) - Beta Switching Flags; and validation that it works for all Beta Tools - Minor textual changes to about screen (to prevent confusion about running version)





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