My upgrade didn't work, what to do next

Most of the errors have already been solved in the new version of the migration tool. At this point we are still working on automatically updating the update process itself so for now this will still be a manual action. To update the updater, update the MigrationTool.dll to the latest version by downloading and importing the following package and script into the project:

Make sure to import the Editor script first. Then wait for it to show up in the Prespective → Migration Tool → Updating the updater helper menu and only then import the MigrationTool package. If the files aren’t added in that order the menu might not show up because of compile errors.

First import the Editor:

And then import the MigrationTool package:


The package contains the latest Prespective migration tool and the script is an editorwindow that sets the files of the updater (in the package) to the correct location. Because the folder structure has changed over the versions, the migration tool needs to be put in different locations for different versions.

When first importing the package into your project you might get errors about the dll not being loaded or duplicate dll’s. We’ll be fixing these errors in the following instruction.

To make this as easy as possible we’ve created the MigrationToolLocationSetterEditor which can be opened by going to Prespective → Migration Tool → Updating the updater helper.

If the package has been imported it will show the “Package imported, ready to set it to the right directory“ and an “Update” button.

When the “Update“ button is pressed, the dll’s are put in the right locations and updated. And it will then show a success window.

After this, the errors should be gone and the update can be retried with the About window, or with the Updater in older versions.


If the migration is still faulty, please contact Support.