V2020.1.56.3_ License Manager



The license manager enables/disables Prespective’s functionality. This page shows you how to activate/deactivate your license.

Activating a license

Click on Prespective > License

A window will popup


License Key is where you fill in license key sent to you by email

License Type is the type of license that corresponds to the type in the email

Make sure you have a working internet connection and no firewall that is blocking Unity to connect to the license server

Update network status will try again to connect to the internet and eventually with the license server. Click this if the internet connection fails.

Click the Activate Prespective license button if you want to activate an available activation/seat for your license key

If the activation is successful the manager shows something like this:

Update license state

Update License State From License Server updates the current license state. The offline expiry period is updated to the maximum allowed usage period.

Now the system is all set to use Prespective. The manager window can be closed.

Deactivating a license

Release Prespective license will deactivate the current activation and returns the license to the license pool. You or another user can activate it as long as there are seats available.