Changing Prespective branches

The updater uses different called branches of Prespective versions. These are : ALPHA, BETA and RELEASE. By default the updater will read your current version number and select the correct branch. At this time BETA will have the latest versions.

If you want to change to another branch you’ll have to migrate and possibly lose data as there is no way to migrate with 100% accuracy. Therefore this action is not recommended if not absolutely necessary. In case you do need to change to a different branch then this article describes how to do so.

First, migrate to the latest version of your current branch.

Second, close your project and open the settings file that’s located in /%RootProjectFolder%/MigrationTool/Settings.json. In the file there is a line that looks like the following:

1 "Branch": "VERSION"

the VERSION signifies that it should get the branch from the version that is in the project. This can be changed to ALPHA, BETA and RELEASE to force the usage of those branches. For this example we’ll go ahead and set it to BETA:

1 "Branch": "BETA"

Save the file and re-open the unity project.

You can now update to the latest version of the BETA using the updater.

Make sure that after you upgrade, to close the project and set the Branch back to VERSION so it gets the branch from your local Prespective version.