V2020.1.56.3_ Grouping Tool


This tool is used to group meshes together. Combining the meshes can improve performance and helps in managing scenes with many static objects.

This video explains how to use the grouping

Where to find

The Grouping tool can be found under Utilities > Grouping Tool

This will open the following window:

The GroupMeshScript can be found by selecting any group in the hierarchy or scene view.

The following inspector component appears:

Feature layout

The image below shows the complete feature layout of the Grouping Tool.

Object Grouping


Object Grouping



The name given to created groups

Group Selected Objects

Creates a new group with all selected objects

Manage group Contents



Load groups in a way they can be edited using this tool

Add Selected Objects To Group

Adds selected objects to the group

Remove Selected Objects From Group

Removes selected objects from the group

Hide the selected Group

Hides the loaded group


The image below shows the complete feature layout of the GroupMeshScript.





directory path

Directory path for the group data

file name

Name for the file saved to the Directory path

Vertice limit

Indicates the vertice limit for the closed group. Can improve performance if 16 bit is used on smaller groups. The following option are available:

  • 16 bit

  • 32 bit

name of the packed mesh

Name used for the mesh when the group is closed

close/open group

Closes/opens the group

disband group

Restores the objects to their orignal position in the hierarchy and removes the group

reapply serialized data

Re-imports the stored data from the group from an external source.

How to use

Creating new groups:

  1. Select the object you whish to group

  2. Click on Group Selected Objects to group the selected objects

The group will be made below the highest possible shared parent

The objects that are now empty because they lost their meshes below them will be removed

Modify existing groups:

  1. Drag a group from the Hierarchy into the GroupMeshScript field or use the circle button and select a group from the list

Closing, opening and disbanding groups:

  1. In GroupMeshScript click on close group to pack the meshes into 1 mesh. Now the group can no longer be edited

  2. To edit a closed group you have to open it again. Click on open Group and the group is now ready to be edited again

  3. When you no longer need a group but want all the objects back to their original positions in the hierarchy, click on disband group