V2020.1.56.3_ Isolation Tool


The Isolation tool allows you to select a set of GameObjects, and temporarily hide all other GameObjects in the scene.

Where to find

The Isolation Tool can be found under Utilities > Isolation Tool. Or use the shortcut Ctrl + Alt + I.

Feature Overview


Selection Isolation



Selection Isolation


Ignore Cameras

When set active GameObjects with Cameras attached will not be isolated

Ignore Lights

When set active GameObjects with Lights attached will not be isolated

Isolate Selection

Isolates selected GameObjects, making all other objects to be invisible

De-Isolate Selection

De-isolates all parts that are currently isolated, these do not have to be selected

Hide Selected Objects

Hides selected GameObjects by adding them to currently isolated GameObjects in the scene, making them invisible

De-Isolate all objects in Scene

De-isolates all objects in the scene

If you exit the Unity3D Editor when a scene was saved in isolation mode the objects will remain isolated when you open the scene in your next session. Alternatively, when you run an Isolation in one scene, and then try to de-isolate those objects in a different scene, the data to de-isolate objects in your first scene will be lost. In this case, use the ‘De-isolate all objects in Scene' function to get back all objects in your original scene.

Please restart your editor when you run into issues regarding TLS Allocat ALLO_TEMP_THREAD