V2020.1.56.3_ Pivot Tool


This tool is used to move and/or rotate the pivot of an object in the scene, relative to its mesh.

Where to find

The Pivot Tool can be found under Utilities > Pivot Tool

This will open the following window:


Feature layout

The image below shows the complete feature layout of the Pivot Tool.

Move Pivot


Pivot Movement Type

This determines if the pivot is moved, rotated or both. The below options are available:

  • Move: Only move the pivots position

  • Rotate: Only rotate the pivot

  • Move And Rotate: Move and rotate the pivot

Align pivot to object

Uses pivot of another object as a reference for the pivot of the selected object. Also overrides other position and rotation settings until set to none

check children

When checked child objects of the selected object are used when you click Find centre mesh

Found centre pivot

Global position applied to the pivot when Change Pivot is clicked

Find centre mesh

Sets the Found centre pivot field to the centerpoint of the selected object

rotation added to the pivot in Euler Angles(Degrees)

Global rotation in Euler Angles (degrees) applied to the pivot when Change Pivot is clicked

Change Pivot

Applies the above selected setting to the selected object’s pivot

How to use

  1. Select the Pivot Movement Type you wish to use

  2. (Optional) Add an object to Align pivot to object if you wish to align the pivot to another object

  3. Fill in the Found centre pivot and/or the Rotation added to the pivot in Euler angle (degrees) fields

  4. Click the Change Pivot button to apply the settings

While in Center mode changes to the pivot position cannot be seen

While in Global mode changes to the pivot rotation cannot be seen