V2020.1.56.3_ Indicator Light


Due to a Unity bug the Indicator Light shows unexpected behaviour when the material inspectors are open. Please make sure to close the material inspectors when using the Indicator Light


The Indicator Light is a component that lights up a Game Object. The Indicator light works by changing the emission property of a material to simulate a light. It consists of two components; Physical and Logic. Both are needed to control the light through a logic adapter (connecting the Indicator Light to an external controller through a https://unit040.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/PUD/pages/280987237 ). Adding a Control Panel gives you the option to control the light from the Unity scene.

The light state can be switched between enabled and disabled. The intensity of the light can also be customized along with the color of the light used when in enabled or disabled state.

Where to find

The feature can be found under Standard Components > Indicator Light

This will add the Indicator Light script to the selected GameObject.

The Indicator Light script will only be added if the GameObject has a MeshRenderer and a Mesh

Feature Layout - Physical Component

The image below shows the complete feature layout of the Indicator Light.



Light Color

The emission color to light up with when enabled

Base Color

The emission color when disabled

Select a Material

The base material to use


How to use

  1. Add the Indicator Light script to the GameObject

2. Open the Properties tab

3. Select the Light Color by clicking Light Color

4. Select the Base Color in the same way by selecting Base Color

5. Select a material by clicking the “Select material“ button if no material is selected. It automatically grabs the first material to be selected and should be selected by default

The Indicator Light needs a material to be selected to function, this is because the Indicator light uses the emission property on the material. The Indicator light component defaults to the first material on the GameObject.

6. Open the Control Panel tab and click “Generate Control Panel for IndicatorLight

7. Select the generated control panel. Click Enable/Disable to Enable/Disable the light. Drag the intensity slider to change the Intensity

Feature overview - Logic Component




Select an Indicator Light to connect

In the PLC I/O panel you can see the latest input and output values from the PLC.

PLC Settings and Debugging are general Logic Component settings.