V2020.1.56.3_ Unity UI Logic


The UnityUILogic is a component which enables the user to connect Unity UI elements to an external controller through a https://unit040.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/PUD/pages/280987237 .

Where to find

The Unity UI Logic can be found under Standard Components > Unity UI Logic > Add Logic Component.

It will automatically be attached to a selected GameObject or otherwise it will create a new GameObject to attach to.

Feature overview






Allows the user to manually trigger this input, sending a signal to the controller. This only works in playmode while the Logic Simulator is running

0: Unique identifier for the input

New-Input: String value to which the input is referenced by the controller. It can be changed by the user

Add New Input

Creates a new input signal for the controller


Deletes the specific input from the list



In the PLC I/O panel you can see the timestamp of the last time each individual input was triggered.

PLC Settings & Debugging

These settings are general Logic Component settings.

How to use?

Unity UI elements have Unity Events to which you can subscribe the UnityUILogicController to. The UnityUILogicController has a method called SendSignal that accepts either the Name (string) or the ID (int) of an input. Every time that Unity Event is fired a signal is sent to the controller through the UnityUILogicController.