V2020.1.56.3_ Driven Stepper Motor


The Driven Stepper Motor is a component to simulate an accelerated rotational motion on an axis. It consists of two components; Physical and Logic. Both are needed to control the motor through a logic adapter (connecting the Driven Stepper Motor to an external controller through a https://unit040.atlassian.net/wiki/pages/createpage.action?spaceKey=PUD&title=Logic%20Simulator&linkCreation=true&fromPageId=280855574 ). Adding a Control Panel gives you the option to control the motor from the Unity scene.

A succesfully created Driven Stepper Motor shows up with this gizmo

Where to find

The Driven Stepper Motor can be found under

Standard Components > Motors > Driven Stepper Motor > Physical Component / Logic Component 

It will automatically be attached to a selected GameObject or otherwise it will create a new GameObject to attach to.
A https://unit040.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/PUD/pages/281673729 will be created automatically as part of the component.

Selecting the newly created GameObject gives you the following menu in the Inspector.

Please note: this is an example of a GameObject with the Driven Stepper Motor component

Feature Layout - Physical Component


Live Data


Live Data


Preferred Velocity (deg/s)

Displays the current preferred velocity in degrees per second

Target Step

Displays the step the Driven Stepper Motor will rotate to


Displays whether continuous rotation is enabled (True) or disable (False)

Continuous Direction

Displays the rotation direction in which the Driven Stepper Motor will rotate when Continuous rotation is enabled. CW = Clockwise, CCW = Counter Clockwise

Velocity (deg/s)

Displays the current angular velocity in degrees per second

Position (deg)

Displays the current angle in degrees


Displays whether the Driven Stepper Motor is Active, Inactive or in Error State





Wheel Joint

Sets the Wheel Joint the Driven Stepper Motor will control

Step Count

Displays the amount of steps in a full rotation

Max Velocity (deg/s)

Sets the maximum allowed velocity of the Driven Stepper Motor in degrees per second

Acceleration (deg/s2)

Sets the maximum allowed acceleration of the Driven Stepper Motor in degrees per second squared

Zero Offset (deg)

Sets the zero position of the Driven Stepper Motor relative to the zero position of its Wheel Joint

Set current position as zero offset

Sets the current position as the new zero position

Control Panel


Control Panel


Generate Control Panel for Driven Stepper Motor

Create a Control Panel for this component

How to use - Physical Component

  1. Add a Driven Stepper Component to a GameObject, in this case a simple cube.


  2. Add a Kinematics Controller, this can be found under Mechanics > Add Kinematics > Kinematics Controller. Make sure the Kinematic Controller is visible in the hierarchy and not connected to the Cube


  3. Make sure the Cube is parented under the Kinematic Controller in the Hierarchy


  4. Add a Control Panel


  5. Use the control panel to change settings. Make sure to press Start to start the movement. Note: the component only works in Play Mode


Feature Layout - Logic Component






Driven Stepper Motor

Selects a Driven Stepper Motor component you wish to connect to the PLC

In the PLC I/O panel you can see the latest input and output values from the PLC.

PLC Settings and Debugging are general Logic Component settings. Look at the Logic Component Documentation for more details.

How to use - Logic Component

Look at the Logic Component Documentation for more details.