V2020.1.56.3_ Belt Renderer


The Belt Renderer allows you to generate a circumference https://unit040.atlassian.net/wiki/pages/createpage.action?spaceKey=PUD&title=Spline&linkCreation=true&fromPageId=281052387 for the Loft Mesh of a Belt System using two Belt Rolls or more.

Where to find

Add a Belt Renderer to your scene by navigating to Standard Components > Belt System > Belt Renderer

It will automatically be attached to a selected GameObject or otherwise it will create a new GameObject to attach to.

Feature Layout

Belt Settings


Show Spline Normal

Toggle to enable or disable the Spline normal

Flip Spline Normal

Flips the Spline normal between inside and outside the spline

Show Control Point Labels

Toggle to enable or disable the Spline Control Point Labels

Change Belt Direction

Changes the Belt direction for all assigned Belt Rolls

Belt Rolls

A list of all assigned Belt Rolls


The number of Belt Rolls needed for generating the Spline

Element [X]

Each individual assigned Belt Roll

How to use

1. Assign Belt Rolls.

The Belt Renderer needs at least two Belt Rolls to be able to generate a https://unit040.atlassian.net/wiki/pages/createpage.action?spaceKey=PUD&title=Spline&linkCreation=true&fromPageId=281052387 .
Assign all Belt Rolls to the Belt Renderer, a Spline will automatically be generated if one can be calculated.

IMPORTANT: For Belt Rolls to be compatible with each other, they must all share the same Axis Direction and be in the same Plane


2. (Re)position Belt Rolls if necessary

The generated Spline moves along with the Belt Rolls. If you need to adjust the position of the Belt Rolls or their radii, the Spline automatically updates.