V2020.1.56.3_ Reflector


This tool is used to redirect an optical (laser) beam that is emitted by a Beam Emitter component. The Beam Reflector simulates a perfect reflection of an incoming beam on the hit surface. This means that a single incoming beam gets redirected as a single outgoing beam where Anglein = Angleout.

Redirecting a beam with the BeamReflector

Where to find

The Beam Reflector can be found under Standard Components > Beam Sensor > Reflector > Add Physical Component.

It can be accessed from the GameObject menu or from the Hierarchy Context menu.

A new GameObject will be created if you do not have a GameObject selected. Otherwise, the Beam Reflector will be added to the selected GameObject

How to use

  1. When adding the Beam Reflector to a GameObject, make sure that a non-trigger Collider component is present on the same GameObject

  2. Position the Beam Reflector in the path of a Beam Emitter in the scene to redirect its beam