V2020.1.56.3_ Emitter


The Beam Emitter is a component that projects an optical (laser) beam used for detecting objects. It is used in conjunction with a Beam Receiver and/or a Beam Reflector.

A Beam Emitter projecting its beam onto a Beam Receiver (left) and a Beam Reflector (right)

Where to find

The Beam Emitter Physical and Logic components can be found under Standard Components > Beam Sensor > Emitter.

It can be accessed from the GameObject menu or the Hierarchy Context menu.

A new GameObject will be created if you do not have a GameObject selected or otherwise, the Beam Emitter will be added to the selected GameObject

Feature layout

Physical Component

Live Data



Shows whether the Beam Emitter is currently active and thus whether it will emit a beam

Redirection Limit Reached

Shows whether the maximum number of redirections have been reached




The maximum distance the beam is allowed to travel

Origin Offset

Allows the beam to originate from an offset position relative to its GameObject position

Origin Direction

Allows the beam to be rotated relative to its GameObject rotation

Max Number of Redirections

The maximum amount of redirections from Beam Reflectors allowed, lowering this value improves performance

Beam Material

The material used to render this beam. If no material is used, a Gizmo will be drawn instead

Beam Radius

The radius by which this beam will be drawn with if a material is used

Use Origin Gizmo

When selected, shows a gizmo for the origin position and the origin direction of the beam

Origin Gizmo Size

The size of the gizmo shown in Scene View

Use Beam Gizmo

When selected, draws a gizmo for the beam if no material has been set

Beam Color

The color the beam gizmo will be drawn in

Beam Excess Color

The color of the beam excess will be drawn in (after reaching its Max Number of Redirections)

Control Panel


Generate Control Panel for BeamEmitter

Click this button to generate a Control Panel for the Beam Emitter

Logic Component



Beam Emitter

The Phyisical Beam Emitter component attached to this Logic component


In the PLC I/O panel you can see the latest input and output values from the PLC

PLC settings and Debugging

These settings are general Logic Component settings.

How to use

  1. Assign a Beam Emitter physical component to a GameObject, or create a new one directly from the menu

  2. Select the desired settings under the Properties tab

  3. In order to detect objects passing through the beam, a Beam Receiver must be created

  4. Direct the beam at the Beam Receiver

  5. Objects with a Collider will interrupt the beam, changing the signal value of the Beam Receiver