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2023.1.1571.2 Mesh Rescaler


This tool is used to reset, enlarge or shrink a mesh according to a multitude of scaling methods.


Where to find

This feature can be found under Utilities > Mesh Tools > Mesh Rescaler.

Feature Layout

The image below shows the complete feature layout of the Mesh Rescaler tool.


Scale Process

Which process to use for the scaling operation.


Reset the mesh and its child objects to 1,1,1 and does not affect the mesh itself

Compensate Hierarchy Scaling

Re-scales the mesh with a given factor.

  • Scale factor: The given factor the mesh should scale with.

  • Move position: If selected, will also apply the scaling factor to the transform position.

  • Center Point: If Defined, applies the scaling progress from the pivot point of this position

Set to Identity

Inverses the mesh of given axis in world space.

  • Inverse X-axis: Inverse mesh in global x-axis.

  • Inverse Y-axis: Inverse mesh in global y-axis.

  • Inverse Z-axis: Inverse mesh in global z-axis.

  • Inverse positions: If selected, will also apply the inverse to the transform position.



Rescale Selection

Applies the re-scaling operation.

How to use

  1. Select the object(s) you wish to edit.

  2. Select a Scale Process.

  3. Click on Rescale Selection to apply the changes.

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